Exosome and Growth Factor skincare products specifically formulated to enhance restoration and rejuvenation after epidermis treatment procedures.


Product Lifecycle Management


Unique proprietary cocktail formulation of Recombinant Growth Factors for optimal skin rejuvenation.


Growth and Healing Exosome products balanced with matrix peptides from progenitor cells formulated for optimal skin cell rejuvenation.


We assist with navigating and adhering to regulatory standards within regions of product distribution.


We provide guidance with product descriptions, marketing, branding, and concept delivery.


Business Process

We lead to serve various size companies, thus proving our customers a choice between OEM or ODM business models. Depending on your lead time, packaging MOQ and product style we can develop a new formula or use an in house one to create your desired products.


We provide an in-house R&D team that can fashion a unique and safe, high quality formulation fit specifically to your needs.

If you have all the packaging and ingredients, and simply require us to assist with filling, or bulk formulations our OEM services will readily assist you.






We can assist you with an in-house mood board design, finished packaging design scaled depiction, formulation design, product production and delivery.

From scratch to finish, we can help bring your entire product idea to life while making the Product Lifecycle Management effortless.


concept design




warehouse or delivery

Creation with care.


Lead Time: 9-11 months

In our Bespoke model we assist customers with custom-made skin care, in which we design, plan, formulate, and package your product from scratch, make per customer’s specifications.

Specifications: we develop your own formulas, source ingredients, create your own label, and source unique packaging.

Private label

Lead Time: 4-6 months

Our Private label model is a solution that allows customers to buy pre-made formulas of already manufactured products, with available packaging provided. These products can be sold under your label.

Specifications: you choose from our pre-made formulations and packaging. Some alterations could be accommodated.

Product Development

We offer access to unique and exclusive source of ingredients: exosomes, growth factors and peptides, and proprietary combination of skin rejuvenating bioactive components.

progenitor cells

These cells have the ability to communicate with each other using various types of signals, an ability that no other cell has. This cell-to-cell communication can instruct neighboring cells to create new cell to repair damaged tissue.


Unique data and nutrient particles that transfer from cell to cell enabling cell communication, promoting cellular rejuvenation and healing.

growth factors

Small signaling molecules that are produced by progenitor cells capable of stimulating cellular growth and skin re-genesis and collagen production.

proprietary formulations

Our scientists developed a mixture of exosomes and growth factors that enables safe and efficacious restoration of key features of youthful skin, such as: elasticity, hydration and pigmentation.


GMP Production Facility

All of our unique source ingredients are manufactured under strict cGMP - compliant protocols, using safe and FDA vetted raw ingredients. Our quality control mechanisms are devoted to inspire unparalleled quality and safety of our formulations. All of our final products are subjected to stringent in vitro safety testing.

About Us

Mikhliné Beauty is a skincare, formulation, design and branding company that trades in exclusive skincare products specifically tailored to post-treatment procedures. OEM and ODM service are offered with pre-made formulations and our exclusively sources bioactive high-tech ingredients or specifically formulated products from scratch.

We help companies on the beauty market with product design, formulations, raw material sourcing, packaging design and sourcing. Furthermore, we assist with all steps of production and design, and provide assistance at every stage of the process.

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Customer care is one of our core values. Our success comes from building value partner relationships and anticipating your needs. We always keep your goals and desires in mind. We can develop your most complex ideas into polished and finished products. We take all the legwork out of the equation for you.

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