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MIKHLINÉ Beauty has the incomparable ability to integrate scientifically advanced bioactive ingredients into revolutionary skin care products. Years of scientific research and discovery allow us to develop skin care products aimed at maximizing effects of skin treatment procedures through enabling your skin’s rejuvenation response.

Mikhliné skin care uses the power of regenerative science through growth factors (or recombinant growth factors), bioactive proteins and complex molecules as the main component of its Crystal-Stabilized Bioactive Complex®. These growth factors play an important role in maintaining firmness, elasticity and even skin tone. Application of CSBC® to skin on a regular basis is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, small wrinkles and dark spots. CSBC® has very strong anti-inflammatory properties that help reverse damage from daily exposure to UV, toxins, and chemicals, giving your skin a healthy glow. Application of CsBC® also has a remarkable moisturizing and hydrating effect leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

Formulation Services

At MIKHLINÉ we provide custom formulation services aligned with our drive toward advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive source ingredients.

‍Our Private label model is a solution that allows customers to buy pre-made formulas of already manufactured products, with available packaging provided. These products can be sold under your label.

What Makes Our Ingredients Effective?

There is abundant scientific documentation that confirms that topically applied growth factors and cytokines can significantly reduce the signs of aging. Below are some examples for scientifically groundbreaking research in the field. There is also more captivating articles posted under our Resources tab.

Reversal of photodamage with topical growth factors: a pilot study.
“The application of a mixture of topical growth factors may stimulate the repair of facial photodamage resulting in new collagen formation, epidermal thickening and the clinical appearance of smoother skin with less visible wrinkling.” J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2003 Apr;5(1):25-34.

Efficacy of novel skin cream containing mixture of human growth factors and cytokines for skin rejuvenation. “…significantly reduced periorbital and perioral wrinkles, as well as improved skin texture of the chin after one month of treatment, which confirms the beneficial use of growth factors and cytokines for skin rejuvenation reported in 2 earlier studies.”   J Drugs Dermatol. 2007 Feb;6(2):197-201.

Endogenous growth factors as cosmeceuticals. “Topical application of human growth factors in multiple clinical studies has been shown to reduce the signs and symptoms of skin aging, including statically significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and increase in dermal collagen synthesis.” Dermatol Ther. 2007 Sep-Oct;20(5):350-9.

Human growth factor and cytokine skin cream for facial skin rejuvenation as assessed by 3D in vivo optical skin imaging. “Growth factors, in addition to their crucial role in cutaneous wound healing, are also beneficial for skin rejuvenation. Due to their multifunctional activities such as promoting skin cell proliferation and stimulating collagen formation, growth factors may participate in skin rejuvenation at various levels. […] We found that topical application of growth factors and cytokines are beneficial in reducing signs of skin aging.” J Drugs Dermatol. 2007 Oct;6(10):1018-23.

Reduction in facial photodamage by a topical growth factor product. “This study demonstrates that addition of a topical formulation of growth factors and cytokines to a basic skin care regimen reduces the signs of photoaging.”  J Drugs Dermatol. 2008 Sep;7(9):864-71.

Topically applied physiologically balanced growth factors: a new paradigm of skin rejuvenation.
“Clinical studies have shown that topical application of products containing high concentrations of a physiologically balanced mixture of GF appears to reverse the signs of skin aging.”   J Drugs Dermatol. 2009 May;8(5 Suppl Skin Rejuenation):4-13.

Applied research synthesis

Select Your Bioactive Element

Progenitor Cell Conditioned Media

PCCM is collected during cultivation of progenitor cells, containing a vast amount of cytokines, growth factors, and signaling molecules, specifically formulated for skin rejuvenation and collagen production. These molecules enable cell-to-cell communication, which can instruct neighboring cells to create new cells and to repair damaged tissue. These progenitor cells are more potent than plant stem cells or adipose derived stem cells. Our company's progenitor cells have been tested in phase I and II photo aging clinical trials and have been declared safe by the FDA.  PCCM produce a large quantity to growth factors, cytokines, and proteins responsible for skin healing and revitalization.


Exosomes are the small cellular vesicles containing signaling molecules, growth factors, peptides, and microRNA molecules, naturally formulated for skin rejuvenation and damage repair. Exosomes produced by progenitor cells have been shown to instruct skin cells to lock in hydration and facilitate self-repair leading to reduction of the appearance of aging. Exosomes can effectively used to delay the onset of skin aging by encouraging the development of fibroblast cells, which are crucial to maintaining skin elasticity and strength.

Growth Factors

Growth Factors, are generally considered a subset of bioactive proteins produced by cells. Growth Factors refer to the diffusible signaling proteins that stimulate cell growth, differentiation, survival, reduction of inflammation, tissue repair, and collagen production. Normal cells show a requirement for several growth factors to maintain proliferation and viability. Growth Factors are responsible for supporting the repair of damaged skin, making components that provide firmness and elasticity for the skin while helping to maintain skin's protective functions. And just incase, no - they are not related to Growth Hormones.

Recombinant Growth Factor Cocktail

Synergistic interaction of multiple growth factors have been shown to enable more efficient skin rejuvenation and cellular repair, to this end our scientists developed a proprietary formulation of multiple key growth factors responsible for skin repair mechanisms. Such formulation of growth factors have been shown to be safe and effective in improving skin elasticity and firmness via stimulation of skin cells innate ability to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, thus enabling safe and efficacious restoration of youthful skin, improving elasticity, hydration and pigmentation.

Product Customization

We believe that in order to initiate effective skin rejuvenation processes, the bioactive ingredients in skin care product should be able to interact with our skin on a cellular level. Thus, we only source clinically proven, potent, and safe bioactive molecules that have gone through stringent safety and efficacy testing. Our star bioactive ingredients include: progenitor cell conditioned media, exosomes, isolated growth factors, unique combination of recombinant growth factors, peptides and enzymes that stimulate collagen production. At Mikhliné, we believe that it is these powerhouse ingredients that can add the dramatic results consumers search for in skincare, to any product they are added to.

6 Steps to Your Custom Development

1. Book a Call with our Developers

This is a totally free consultation where you can get to know your personal developer. Share your ideas and ask any questions. We are here to help guide you from idea to execution.

2. Receive your Custom Quote

After your call with one of our developers you will receive a custom quote via email, outlining the scope and cost of the project.

3. Get Started with a Deposit

Sign a production contract and kick things off with a 50% deposit!

4. Supplies are Ordered

Once your deposit is received, raw materials will be ordered to create your samples. When raw materials are received, your formulator will make your first set of samples and ship them to you. You can expect to receive your first set of samples within 25-35 days of your deposit. Raw materials can take an average of 2 weeks to be received, depending on the formulation.

5. Sample Review

On this exciting step you will receive your first set of samples! Book a call with your formulator to review any tweaks that may need to be made. Your formulator will implement the tweaks discussed and send a new batch of samples to you. Step 5 will repeat until you are fully satisfied with your custom formulation. Note: most formulations take 2-4 rounds of samples. We want to get it perfect for you!

6. Finalize your Custom Formulation

Once you are fully satisfied with your formulation, your final deposit is submitted. You will receive your complete formulation, including ownership of the formulation, supplier lists, costing, and all other supporting documentation.

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